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3 allegations of manipulation in sailing are ignored by the state (video)

We have been experiencing the theater of the absurd for the last 24 hours as the wrestling federation and the state invite Giorikas Pilidis to give explanations about match manipulation while at the same time, there is no interest in three complaints made in sailing.

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Apparently, Survivor is a better means of promotion as the state’s reflexes (with the Deputy Minister of Sports publicly speaking) were rapidly following the reaction of the ELOP (wrestling federation) which was level… Usain Bolt.

When Giorikas Pilidis leaves Survivor, he will be called to give explanations. This can happen in a month or next summer or never. It should be noted, as can be heard in the video in question from the Survivor show, that the event mentioned by Pilidis is a European championship. In his career he has competed in three finals of the European Championship in all age categories. He won two and lost one of the athletes, who is currently the No. 1 in the world.
In 2016 he won gold in the 54k against Arsen Harutyunyan from Armenia. In 2017 he was the winner in the 58k final against the Russian Artis Orzak. In 2019 in K23 he was 2nd at 61k, losing to the Russian, Absaganji Magomedov (current holder of the European and world title at 61k).

At the same time, there are three well-known allegations of sailing competition. Two from athletes and one from an international judge. There was no reaction from the Hellenic Sailing Federation. Respectively, there was no reaction from the State, which according to the Deputy Minister of Sports, Lefteris Avgenakis: “Clean sports is a non-negotiable priority.”
We repeat, there are three complaints and they are also on affidavits. It does not become more official. What else needs to be done to activate the famous PRIZE platform that was advertised so much?
We do not expect to read her position from this federation, when she avoided mentioning her sailors even when they were competing in the Tokyo Olympics (two reports throughout the Games). However, we expect the Undersecretary, who has repeatedly stressed the issue of zero tolerance, to move immediately and not to ignore what two athletes and an international judge are complaining about.

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