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A Spanish doctor warns of a problem caused by omicron that “we had not seen before”

Cultura Universidad de Zaragoza, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Spanish doctor has warned the public about a problem caused by the omicron variant of COVID that has not been seen before.

Doctor Juan José Badiola, director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at the University of Zaragoza, made an appearance on the television show TRECE al Dia to analyze the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain.

“The pandemic is developing rapidly and when so many children are concentrated together, it will not be easy to avoid infections,” the expert said.

“The risk is going to be very high, and I predict there are going to be a lot of cases. We have no choice but to accept that reality,” he added. children with symptoms should not take them to school,” he said.

“With positive cases in children comes another problem: balancing going to work and taking care of children, which is a serious problem from a social point of view,” Badiola said.

The doctor also highlighted a new problem caused by omicron: “omicron can cause symptoms even before the person gets a positive test result, which we haven’t seen before.”

This means that someone who shows symptoms may have a negative test result, causing them to continue with their daily activities and infect more people.

Badiola believes that “the peak of infections may be near, but we have to be very careful. All the data from other countries suggests that the curve is going to come down quickly.”

“We have to wait for this wave to pass because nobody can guarantee another variant won’t appear and nobody can know if it will be more or less contagious or more or less severe,” he said.


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