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A1 women: Kazmir Brown of AEK KYANA MVP of the 2nd match
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Second match in the A1 women and we have the… revolution of the central teams as well as the second prize of the MVP went to this position with Kazmir Brown of AEK succeeding Ioanna Polynopoulou.

For the 25-year-old Brown it was the best birthday present (October 17, 1996) as she celebrated a great victory over PAOK with herself stopping at 22 points (15/24 finished attacks, 2 aces and 5 blocks).

“The victory over PAOK and my promotion as MVP was the best gift I could ask for for my birthday. PAOK is a strong team. and we knew the game would be competitive. I am happy for the way we fought and for the final result “was the first comment of Kazmir Brown on hearing the news about her promotion as KYANA MVP.

Brown was born and raised in Iowa, USA. She comes from an athletic family, as her parents were basketball players, as well as her two older brothers. She also has a younger sister who plays volleyball in America.

She had her first sense of European volleyball in 2018 when she played in Germany. After three years in European teams, he made the decision of the summer of 2021 to accept the proposal of AEK. and come to Greece.

“Before I decided to come to AEK. I had talked to coach Arseniadis. I also liked his philosophy and his way of thinking. I wanted to be part of this project. Of course, I also talked to my teammate in Beziers, Anna Spanou. He told me a few things about Greece, the Greek championship but also about AEK, in which he had played in the past. So far my impressions from Greece and the Greek championship are the best. I know there are several strong teams and it will be very competitive. I look forward to the continuation of the games and to compete with the best teams in Greece “.

Apart from the difficult opponent, A.E.K. He also had to manage the injuries of Olga Vergidou, Giota Dioti that arose during the second set.

“It is difficult when you have injuries during a match, especially a derby like with PAOK. It was an emotional game. The fact that despite the two injuries of Olga and Giota we managed to get the victory shows a lot for our team and for the athletes. We stayed focused, we supported each other in the difficulties and they all went one step further. It is important for a team to be able to adapt to the needs of a match and cope with the difficulties. “This victory showed a lot about the character of the team and its fighting spirit.”

Finally, Kazmir Brown dedicated her personal distinction “to my teammates. They all put their stakes to get the victory. It was a team victory in a very emotional game “.


Ashley Watkins (AON Amazon) 1p. (1/1 ff.).

Diagonal: Gianelis Santos (A.ON. Amazons) 17p. (16/29 ff., 1 ace).

Central: Kazmir Brown (AEK) 22p. (15/24 ff., 2 aces, 5 blocks), Ioanna Polynopoulou (PAOK) 16p. (11/18 ff., 1 ace, 4 blocks).

Extremes: Alexia Kalantaridou (AO Lamia 2013) 15p. (11/23 ff., 3 aces, 1 block, 52% min. – 43% excellent), Caitlin Evans (AS Aris) 18 (14/30 ff., 4 blocks, 91% min. – 64% excellent).

Libero: Eudoxia Georgiadou (AEK).

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