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Adam Cole on working with Johnny Gargano in WWE

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Adam Cole said his iconic rivalry with Johnny Gargano on NXT was stressful due to the pressure of getting through the last match.

Speaking to the #DORK podcast, The Panama City Playboy spoke about the expectations it carried on its shoulders during one of the most iconic and best rivalries in NXT history.

“It’s very stressful, specifically with a guy like Johnny because Johnny Gargano and I are very close. I just spoke to him today. He’s a great friend of mine. We only wrestled once before our first in Brooklyn and it was 2010 at EVOLVE. It had been eight or nine years and we had been saying, ‘It would be really cool if we ever fought in a feature-length match on NXT.’ We had the first one, people really enjoyed it and there were a lot of eyes on it because it was the weekend of WrestleMania. Going into the second, it was incredibly stressful to say, ‘how the hell are we going to get through this one?’ (h / t: Fightful Select)

Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano fought in a trilogy of matches in 2019, all of them for the NXT Championship. The first was a 2-of-3 knockdown match won by Johnny Wrestling. The next two games saw Adam Cole emerge victorious.

Most memorable 🧠Gargano gets HUGE pop after kicking Adam Cole’s Last Shot at TakeOver: New York (April 2019) CREDIT: WWE NETWORK

All three matches took place on different NXT Takeover PPVs and both men brought down the house. Somehow, neither of them dropped the standards even though the quality of the match is high throughout.

Adam Cole to face John Silver at AEW Rampage

Adam Cole is already a key member of the Super Elite. The faction’s issues with Dark Order brought the former NXT Champion into the mix, as Adam Cole will take on John Silver at AEW Rampage.

John Silver and Alex Reynolds have been a thorn in the side of Adam Cole both in the ring and in BTE. The former leader of the Undisputed Era was renamed Budge by John Silver, much to his chagrin.

At last week’s AEW Dynamite, Dark Order defeated the Super Elite, planting the seeds for this one-on-one match at AEW Rampage.

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