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AEW’s Lio Rush opens up to conversation with Vince McMahon

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AEW star Lio Rush had to work hard to get Vince McMahon’s attention, but when he finally did, it was the most surreal day of his life.

Initially, some WWE staff members told the Man of the Hour that he was not ready for television, prompting Lio Rush to take matters into his own hands. The former WWE cruiserweight champion began uploading his promotions on social media. Finally, Vince McMahon caught on.

The AEW star spoke with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions and revealed what her conversation with the WWE president went like:

“I couldn’t believe that by taking that initiative to post promotions, he essentially got me a job on RAW, and it was seen by Vince McMahon. Vince took me into his office and said he was going to work with Bobby. He didn’t know what it was going to be. He kept saying it was going to be like a hype. I’m a WWE fan, and I’ve never heard of a hype. Man? ‘ He said, ‘Paul will talk to you about it.’ We walked into the stadium’s weight room, and he was saying that he was essentially going to be Bobby’s manager, but in a Jimmy Hart way. He was going to make noise, wear nasty suits and I was going to be the spokesperson for Bobby. That was the most surreal day of my life, “revealed Lio Rush. (h / t:

Vince McMahon released WWE’s AEW Lio Rush in April 2020

BREAKING: WWE has reached an agreement on the release of Drake Maverick (James Curtin), Curt Hawkins (Brian Myers), Karl Anderson (Chad Allegra), EC3 (Michael Hutter) and Lio Rush (Lionel Green). We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.…

Due to the pandemic, Vince McMahon released Lio Rush from WWE in April 2020. Since its launch, The Man of the Hour has fought for many notable promotions, including MLW, GCW, NJPW, and now AEW.

Before his stint at AEW, Lio Rush even fought for the AAA Mexican promotion. After his AEW Double or Nothing debut, Vince McMahon’s rival Tony Khan signed Lio Rush as part of the All Elite Wrestling roster.

AEW’s latest Indian signing met his idol, Jinder Mahal, recently. Find out what happened here.

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