After the maintenance of the third referendum on December 12, New Caledonia at an impasse | Business Top stories

After the maintenance of the third referendum on December 12, New Caledonia at an impasse
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Between two evils, we must choose the lesser, according to the wise precept of Aristotle. Hoping it won’t get the worst. The decision was announced on Friday, November 12, by the High Commissioner of the Republic in New Caledonia, Patrice Faure, one month to the day before the date of December 12 scheduled for the holding of the third and last referendum within the framework of the agreement of Noumea on the accession of New Caledonia to independence: the ballot will be maintained on this date, although the separatists have launched since October 20 a call for “non-participation”. Whatever his decision, there was in any case for the executive only blows to take. It remains to be seen what the scale of the aftershocks will be.

The date of December 12 was set by the government in early June, at the end of a working week in Paris to which the Minister for Overseas Territories, Sébastien Lecornu, had invited all Caledonian political forces. She did not have a consensus. Loyalists pleaded for this third referendum to take place before the end of the year. The separatists who had made the trip to metropolitan France – the National Union for Independence (UNI), one of the two parliamentary components of the Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front (FLNKS), had refused to participate – wanted a postponement after national electoral deadlines.

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The final declaration had nevertheless been the subject of a joint drafting carefully aimed until the last moment by the main protagonists. This provided in particular, after this third consultation and whatever the result, a transition period to develop a new institutional statute, within the framework of independence or that of maintenance in the Republic, which should be ratified. by referendum by June 2023.

A major event has shaken up this schedule. Since September 6, the archipelago, until then remained “covid free”, was in turn hit by the epidemic, which quickly took on dramatic dimensions for a territory of 270,000 inhabitants. In just over two months, 272 deaths were recorded, or one thousandth of the population, more than 11,500 confirmed cases, more than 4% of the population. A trauma for this territory which still lives, as far as the Melanesian populations are concerned, in the memory of the diseases imported by the colonists who decimated the natives between the end of the 18th century.e and the beginning of the XXe century.

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After the maintenance of the third referendum on December 12, New Caledonia at an impasse
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