Air Force Reveals Five Afghans Tried To Hijack Flight From Kabul During Chaotic August Airlift | Latest News Headlines

Air Force Reveals Five Afghans Tried To Hijack Flight From Kabul During Chaotic August Airlift

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As previously reported, Thursday, August 26 A suicide bomber blew himself up near the abbey gate at Kabul airport, killing 13 Americans: 11 US Marines, a Marine hospitalist, an Army sergeant and more than 150 Afghans .

The Taliban allowed the ISIS attacker, later identified as Abdul Rehman, to pass through the perimeter. He couldn’t get through the inner perimeter. He was outside the gate when he detonated his explosive vest outside the crowded abbey gate at Kabul airport.

Marines on the ground at the time, according to Caz of The Raid Team Co., said the military was not even verifying the names of Afghans who were loading onto planes from Afghanistan. According to the Marines on the ground, the Biden regime only wanted the numbers for propaganda purposes and did not screen Afghans leaving Kabul.

They cut off access to the airport after they got the number they wanted. Thousands of Americans and American green card holders are stranded in Afghanistan to this day.

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Now, the US Air Force reports that five Afghans were plotting to hijack the Kabul rescue flight during the chaotic airlift.

They arrived in the area thanks to the Taliban “security” team at the airport.

Defense One reported:

The State Department estimates that “a couple thousand” additional evacuees have been able to leave Afghanistan since Aug. 31, as a rare pair of Biden administration personnel and private organizations attempt to finish the job of the larger emergency. , chaotic and dangerous. airlift in American history.

“It’s crazy that the State Department and DOD are doing this,” said one of the volunteers, a veteran who meets regularly with government officials to maintain the evacuation, through his role in the #AfghanEvac coalition. “It’s the most American thing I’ve ever seen.”

In all, about 100 private groups, many of them led by Afghanistan veterans who spoke out about the chaos and broken promises created by the August 31 deadline, have stayed to finish the job. And they are getting support from the DOD and the State Department to do so.

A hallmark image of the chaotic 17-day evacuation from Hamid Karzai International Airport was a departing C-17 and was harassed by Afghans who hung themselves while taking off. But other planes were in a similar situation that day, Air Force officials revealed in a statement released Wednesday.

Two HC-130J Combat King II aircraft on the ramp were about to be attacked when they “took off on a remaining piece of runway. With a few seconds to spare, they were in the air gliding just 10 feet above the crowd. ”

Days after, The US forces that held the airport detained five people aboard a commercial airplane. They had “the intention to hijack the plane”, The Air Force also revealed Wednesday.

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