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Almeria Diputacion road plan set for worst this winter

WINTER ROADS: the Diputacion ensures that the roads are passable this winter Photo credit: Diputacion de Almeria

The Diputacion Provincial Council’s winter road plan is ready to go into action as soon as necessary.

The Plan de Vialidad Invernal establishes specific procedures to ensure that the roads of the 103 municipalities of Almeria most likely to be affected by bad weather, in particular snow and ice, remain safe and passable.

“As always at this time of year, when low temperatures and adverse weather conditions are likely, we are ready to face anything and guarantee maximum safety on the 1,200 kilometers of roads in the province,” said said the vice-president of the Diputacion, Angel Escobar, who also heads its Public Works department.

“We also have the capacity to expand the plan with additional equipment and agents if the situation requires it,” he added.

Detailing the plan and the amount of equipment available, Escobar thanked the roads staff of the Diputacion who, throughout the year, were ready to face any incident, helping the local populations and their municipalities.

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