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Almost half of Covid hospital patients are treated for something else

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Just under half of Covid hospital patients are treated primarily for something else, according to new data released by NHS trusts in England.

Of the 15,026 Covid hospital patients reported to have the virus on January 11, 6,647 (44%) were not being treated primarily for Covid-19, according to NHS England

These figures are the highest proportion known since the publication of the information began in June 2021 and have increased from the 26% recorded in early December. All Covid hospital patients should be treated separately from those who are negative for the virus, whether or not they are being cared for primarily for Covid-19.

However, the growing number of people hospitalized “with” Covid-19 rather than “for” Covid-19 is another sign that the current wave of viruses is not creating the same level of pressure on hospitals as previous ones. The latest data came as Health Secretary Sajid Javid said “there are already early signs that the hospitalization rate is starting to slow”.

He told Commons on Thursday that Omicron “still has the potential to drive significant numbers of people to hospital. There are already nearly 17,000 Covid-19 patients hospitalized in England. Due to the mismatch between infections and hospitalizations, the NHS will remain under significant pressure over the next few weeks.

“It is encouraging, however, that during this wave we have not seen an increase in the number of Covid-19 intensive care patients, and there are already early signs that the hospitalization rate is starting. to slow down. We know that Omicron is less severe. But no one should be kidding themselves – it’s serious for anyone who ends up in the hospital, and it’s much more likely if you haven’t gotten the vaccine.

The high hospital occupancy rate is still reported in a separate data set provided by the UK NHS trusts. The new figures showed that 80 of the 135 acute trusts in England that submitted data had bed occupancy rates above 90% every weekday through January 9 – above the recommended limit of 85 %, as reported by The Independent.

The importance of dividing Covid Hospital patients into groups of people who are being treated for the virus versus people who have contracted the virus but are being treated for another reason is crucial, as a doctor from London last month. Dr Zudin Puthucheary, a member of the Intensive Care Society in London and a doctor in London, said the number of patients who “test positive for Covid” skews the data, but the data must be correct before the numbers are released used to install new restrictions.

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