Andalusia performs its very first euthanasia on a Frenchwoman | Local News

Andalusia performs its very first euthanasia on a Frenchwoman

Andalusia practices its first euthanasia. image: Creative Commons

The very first euthanasia was performed in Andalusia

Andalusia performed its first euthanasia, since its approval in March 2021, on a 63-year-old woman from France, who resided in the community.

France Info reported the information on his compatriot, after conducting an interview with her, revealing that the lady, Catherine (pseudonym), was 63 years old, and suffered from an advanced state of Parkinson’s disease. She had apparently been diagnosed with the disease at the age of 59. As a result, Catherine lost her ability to care for herself and needed a full-time carer.

“The most difficult thing is to have someone here all the time. For everything, getting dressed, walking”, lamented Catherine, before receiving active euthanasia. She added: “I always thought that the day when I could no longer be myself, I would like to end my life “.

Catherine’s request for euthanasia was approved by the Junta de Andalucia on December 26, to which she replied: “It was my Christmas present. For me, it’s a terrible release,” she told the interviewer.

There was a delay while processing the request

Pascale, one of Catherine’s caregivers and a longtime friend, shared how they got started with the process and the paperwork. “Since the summer, we have been building the case, and everything ended quite quickly. But there was a very long wait, because the commission had not been set up, and it took a long time to be constituted”.

It refers to the time that elapsed between the application in the national territory in June, and the start of the process in Andalusia. “It was very painful, she was looking forward to the appointment, and she thought of nothing else”.

Regretting the last years of her friend’s life, Pascale tells the sad story of what they were: “When you can no longer do anything by yourself, not even light a cigarette, or drink a glass of water, absolutely nothing, you have nothing left. ”.

“It’s shit, better go somewhere else, I tell you,” Catherine told the media sarcastically. She finally fell asleep this Thursday, January 13, at home, surrounded by her loved ones, and a medical team, as reported


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