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Anti-vaxxers in Italy allegedly paid hundreds of euros for fake Covid passes

Anti-vaxxers in Italy are paying hundreds of euros for fake Covid passes. pixabay picture

As reported by VICE, following the tightening of restrictions by Italian authorities in the country, a whole series of Telegram accounts have appeared online. Their sole purpose is to try to sell fake Covid certificates to anti-vaxxers in Italy.

They reported discovering at least ten such accounts that claim to have the green passes for sale. With Italy under strict restrictions, more and more citizens are apparently resentful of the government and its rules and are turning to these illegal sites to buy fake documents.

In Italy at the moment, Covid passes are compulsory for workers to enter their workplaces, as well as to access shops and cinemas.

The report of VICE shows that two of the online accounts they found already have over 400,000 followers, while many others have at least 5,000 to 10,000 members. Law enforcement units have been trying to crack down on these accounts since last summer, but it seems the harder they try, the more accounts appear online.

Since early January, when the Italian government introduced the new restrictions, several of the accounts are known to have increased their activity. Now that it has become mandatory for everyone over 50 to get bitten, there has been a surge in new accounts, it has been reported.

VICE investigated and allegedly uncovered an Italian nurse who had been arrested on suspicion of administering fake Covid-19 vaccines. She reportedly gave them to at least 45 people. Along with four accomplices, she is accused of selling fake Covid certificates for up to €300 (£250) each, to anti-vaxxers.

As one online account apparently bragged: “Another 200 green passes sold in just one week, thank you! “. Another said: ‘They deleted our account at 130,000 followers – but I’m still coming back! You already know it ! as reported by


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