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Attempt to assassinate the Dutch Prime Minister foiled

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Police arrest 22-year-old man in Amsterdam for attempting to assassinate Dutch prime minister

A young man was arrested in Amsterdam this week after police uncovered plots to harm several members of the Dutch Parliament. One of the plans was to assassinate Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. A 22-year-old man had shared the ideas on the ‘Telegram’ messaging app along with conspiracy theories and other thoughts of violence.

The Telegram channels used by the man have since been shut down for inciting violence against the authorities. The threads contained unfounded theories about the commission of pedophile acts and satanic rituals. In messages sent to others, the young man said that “most Dutch people hate Rutte”. He also spoke of shooting politicians from a moving car. He said, “You open the window, take out the gun and shoot. According to a Dutch newspaper, from Volkskrant, the detained man goes by the name of Yavuz O.

The conspirator wanted to storm The Hague and was looking for people to help him. Appealing to “revolutionaries” who would use arms and violence, he told them that “anything was allowed”.

Three charges were brought against the man, including incitement to commit a terrorist crime, gathering intelligence for this crime and threat of terrorist crimes. There was a possible assassination attempt on Rutte in September last year, but it is not known if this arrest is related to this incident.

After the last attempted attack, the Prime Minister had to increase his level of security. He now has special agents from the Royal and Diplomatic Security Service who take steps to ensure his safety. As leader of the Dutch Liberal Party, the threat to his life is being watched by the National Prosecutor’s Office, which has declined to comment on the ongoing case. Virologist Jaap Van Dissel, state advisor on the pandemic, was discovered as another government official who had threats against them.

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