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Barcelona: a l’avantguarda de la passarel·la digital | Styl
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Say that, if you do not put up with the enemy team, you better kill it. But this is not the camí that has presided over the 080 Barcelona Fashion. But ho has apostat tot a l’aparador digital. When the majority of the passarelles have turned to the presence or have offered spectacles hybrids between digital and physical, the week of Catalan fashion continues to bet on video presentations (format that will raise the pandemic), but amb segell It was recommended that all the designers and marques participate in the edition that began those dilluns have filmed the seves collections at the mateix lloc, l’Espai XC de l’escultor Xavier Corberó, in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). From dilluns and fins diceus, 22 firms will present the seves noves col·leccions through the fashion platform’s website.

“Semper es comparava Barcelona amb altres fashion weeks I was unhappy to be well positioned, it was more modest ”, Marta Coca, director of the 080, reconnected, who has fetched this tour to the passarel·la. The pandemic is going to be the one that is going to force us to explore the digital format, but it seems that it has turned out to be a good alternative to uncheck it and to find a path of its own and singular dins of a competitive sector.

“I solved a conjunctural problem, but hem adonat that we could have a new project with a vision that will allow to sort out the calendar of them fashion weeks i muntar la nostra super league”, Asserts Coca. The two latest editions, with videos recorded at the modernist complex of Sant Pau and La Pedrera, have served to jump more on the screen fins to the fashion magazines of all three countries, to those who do not appear when the week of the Fashion was face-to-face because the main focus was posed to the capitals that were in the fashion show, such as Paris, Milan and New York.

The will to work with qualitative indicators and the position of the platform, diu Coca, which ensures that in the last two editions it has arrived more than once, with appearances in specialized magazines in Japan, Germany, Italy and France. This position does not mean that the 080 must remain in strictly digital format, but rather that the organization has been able to arrive at a hybrid model of characteristics that it faces not being able to venture, because the main one is to change the formula that attacked the two mons, one thing for which the support of sponsors is.

The uniqueness of the digital platform that 080 has created is that all of the tax credits have the quality of scenery and quality with a letter of presentation. This is the organization that sculpted an emblematic building in Barcelona and built on the seu equip the videos. In this third digital edition, i 28a de la passarel·la, the lloc escollit trenca totally amb l’estètica modernista explorada fins ara: it is the monumental house of the disappeared sculptor Xavier Corberó, a rationalist work in which the contour is as impressive as the continent, which contains 200 works by the artist.

Parade of Designers Society in a face-to-face edition of the passarel·la.

Suport dels dissenyadors

The designers feel comfortable with this model. Júlia G. Escribà, who parades per second vegada, is not enthusiastic. “I flew to tax something on Xavier Corberó’s Espai XC,” she explains excitedly. Així that quan va verure that this edition is gravel there in front of it, it will have more clarity. “The nostra col·lecció is diu Utopia I share the values ​​of Spain with the values ​​of combining the traditional with the nou, the construction of Mediterranean arrels, but it is futuristic and our three fish combine the technology with arrels ”. Júlia G. Escribà treballa seves fish with a technological device that reaches the temperature of the cos and is adapted to shelter the most or menys gracies to some microcapsules. Als seus 21 years, the seu style is timeless and sense general, and hopes to be able to commercialize the seva segona col·lecció in 2022. From now on, it advances that it has fetched a capsule for Lurdes Bergada that will be at you botigues on April. Trust him cobranding com a camí per a les seves idees.

Per segona vegada també hi Álvaro Calafat participates. Amb la seva col·lecció Chapter 2: Records, I thought that he has arrived to express the one that vol. La seva peça audiovisual is presented as a museum of records in which each peça explains something of seva life, from the bullying that is going to go to the school, with a seti breeze that carries to the coll one more that brand new, recycled plastic feta printed in 3D; Fins a l’amor per la seva àvia, the rostre of which is barreja with other symbols of the seva biography to the stamp of some fish. “Treballo l’artesania i la tecnologia alhora”, matisa. They are the few designers who have a physical event coinciding with the digital show. It is per invitation and it will be the entrance door to that museum dels records, sideboard amb 15 looks de la seva col·lecció a l’Hotel Pullitzer, the mateixa setmana in which a system of ready-to-wear to measure per encàrrec through the seu web.

In the mateixa line d’entusiasme pel format is the show Carles Gràcia, creative director d’Escorpion, veteran of the fashion week. It would be nice to be able to explain more about the philosophy of the col·lecció with that type of presentation. Troba to miss “l’adrenalina i el punch”, But focuses more on the advantages. The last edition will report more repercussions at the international level, an important thing for a firm that sees 40% off. In addition, he emphasizes that the digital repercussion lasts a month. But it would be a good option to combine a digital edition with a face-to-face altra, facing that, if you do stay with one, it would be the nuvol. “To the total presence no hi tornaríem”, he concluded, after showing-being impressed with the videos recorded at l’Espai XC, on showing a new collection of tons stones and gray with natural materials that turn over stereotips with the feminine i the man with the claim My way.

“No hi ha cap altre model, the passarel·la with the traditional concept has to die. No hi ha cap més remei que obrir-se al mon ”. Així de clar ho tea Jose María Garcia-Planas, creative director of The (Real) Garcia, a brand for men and women of life that is defined as “basic, timeless and sustainable” and that tea by giving a dedicated family to the textile during sis generations. But for them, the experience of shooting at 080 has been “fabulous”. Garcia-Planas remembers a trobada with the sculptor Xavier Corberó at casa seva, als anys vuitanta, and is rendeix davant of the monument of the artist while reconeix that, facing that there was a critical statistic with the parades and the institutional support to the passarel · The, the seva vision has changed with this new format. “Això is an altra història, it is interesting because I believed in the digital world and the communication that allowed the fashion film”.

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