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Best stocks under $ 5 right now • Daily updated charts • Benzinga

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Looking for quality stocks under $ 5 is a lot like a bargain hunt. Low prices allow you to buy these stocks in large quantities without breaking the bank. The payoffs can be huge, but so can volatility. This is why the best stocks to buy now at a low price should be watched carefully. This is not a ‘set it and forget it’ scheme. Do your research and start with the actions listed below.

We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the best low-cost stocks under $ 5. Review some cheap stocks to buy now to find the great deals with the most potential.

Snapshot: stocks under $ 5

Stocks that trade under $ 5 are considered cheap stocks. But unlike stocks under $ 10 or stocks under $ 20, stocks under $ 5 are in a separate category. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) considers stocks that trade for less than $ 5 to be penny stocks. Yes, these are often the best inexpensive stocks to buy even though they are called “penny stocks”. When doing your research, a term like penny stock shouldn’t scare you.

For example, Costco (NASDAQ: COST) is a discount retailer that hosts customers in large warehouses. Despite this, its shares regularly trade at several hundred dollars per share and the company is one of the largest retailers in the world. Although this is an extreme example, it shows that the terminology only paints a small part of the picture.

Let’s say you invest $ 300 for every 100 shares of a stock that is trading at $ 3. If the stock price only goes up by $ 3, you will have made 100% profit, or $ 300. Huge gains for little initial capital is what makes cheap stocks an attractive investment.

One strategy for spotting the potential of stocks under $ 5 is to look for undervalued companies. Companies that have suffered a crisis could see stock prices fall into low numbers. Poor management by executives, high debt, pricing pressures and increased competition are some of the factors that scare investors off and sink a company’s shares.

But the company could perhaps turn the tide. Management can change, debt can be restructured, or the market can shift in the company’s favor. Everyone loves a comeback, especially if you grabbed that stock for a bargain.

Another way to spot a potential winner is to look at companies that have significant growth potential. A stock can trade for less than $ 5 because the company is small. But this small business could also experience rapid growth.

Take a look at the performance of the market. These strategies are just the start. Always do your due diligence when investing in stocks under $ 5. Finding cheap stocks to buy right now doesn’t mean you should buy them all. Pace yourself to see the best results.

Best Online Brokers for Stocks Under $ 5

The right online broker can help you execute your investment strategy and make it easier to trade cheap stocks. Take a look at some of Benzinga’s favorites. You’ve found stocks to buy now at a low price, but you need a partner who simplifies the process.

Features to look for in stocks under $ 5

Here are a few things you might want to consider when collecting stocks under $ 5 in your cart:

  • Earnings per share: A great way to get a feel for a company’s profitability is to look at its earnings per share (EPS). You can find a company’s EPS by subtracting the preferred dividends from the net income, then dividing the difference by the shares of the outstanding shareholders. If you spot a stock with growing EPS, it may signal growth potential.
  • Trade volume: The trading volume of a stock will tell you how many stocks are traded during the day. If the trading volume is not high enough, you may not be able to sell your position. Stocks that have a trade volume of at least 1 million tend to be more secure. Keeping an eye on trading volume will also help you spot stocks that may be on the rise.
  • Management: A management team that is determined to turn the business around may be the reason a stock under $ 5 gets a boost. Another sign of potential is a company’s focus on capitalizing on a growing market. Examine the company’s strategic business plan to understand the mindset of management.

Weigh the risk for stocks under $ 5

When you find a few cheap stocks to buy right now, they present both growth potential and their fair share of risk. Even the best stocks to buy under $ 5 are notorious for their massive ups and downs. Your risk of loss is also higher if the business hits a tough roadblock. It’s not uncommon for companies whose shares are trading for less than $ 5 to go bankrupt and leave investors with nothing.

Avoid putting all of your money in these stocks and diversify with safer assets like blue chip stocks or bonds. The best cheap stocks to buy can be a valuable addition to your investment portfolio with your due diligence and diversification. Buy Now stocks at a low price can become a nice addition to your portfolio, as long as you return to Benzinga often to research each new stock.

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