Canadian government bans employees from saying ‘let’s go Brandon’ | Local News

Canadian government bans employees from saying ‘let’s go Brandon’

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Canadian government employees have been banned from saying “Let’s go Brandon” or any variation of the popular battle cry.

The meme line started when sports game fans began to constantly chant “f-ck Joe Biden,” but NBC reporter Kelli Stavast misinterpreted it as “let’s go Brandon” while interviewing Nascar driver Brandon Brown.

Peter McCaffrey, president of the Alberta Institute, posted a Canadian government letter to employees online, dated Oct. 14. He said it was a “formal notice” that the phrase “Come on, Brandon” in any form is prohibited by the Canadian Public Service.

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“The use of colloquialism or said with double meaning intentional or offensive is strictly prohibited in all means of correspondence and / or communication,” the letter said.

The letter also indicated that it is a “zero tolerance problem” that will lead to “dismissal without recourse or union representation.”

The Canadian Public Service is the civilian workforce of the Government of Canada’s departments, agencies and other public bodies.

There are approximately 300,450 employees working under the CPS.

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