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Chargers’ Brandon Staley shares thoughtful and nuanced response to Jon Gruden’s email scandal

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You will probably become a Chargers fan after reading Brandon Staley’s comments.

The NFL head coach has an unfortunate air of toxicity, especially after the release of the emails from Jon Gruden, which led to his resignation earlier in the week.

While the NFL’s brotherhood of coaches has been silent on the situation, Chargers head coach Staley had a nuanced, thoughtful, positive and uplifting message in the wake of Gruden’s nasty emails.

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Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Staley offered his perspective on coaching and those emails:

I think respect and trust in this world are really hard to come by, and I think of all the people who were affected by those emails. If you’re a person of color, if you’re a gender, your sexual orientation, the people who were affected by those emails, that’s what I’m thinking. It is a sacred mantle for someone to call you a “coach” or someone to call you a leader. Confidence is really difficult to achieve in this world. It is really a challenge to achieve it. Especially with those groups that I just mentioned. People are really cautious and skeptical of people because of emails like that.

Kindness, encouraging people and respecting people you don’t know, I think that’s a big part of us here, listening to people and learning about people, because what you will discover is that we have much more in common. not. For someone like me, it’s up to you to lead by example, every day, so that the people talked about in those emails don’t have to feel that way. They shouldn’t feel like this. So hopefully we can all learn from this, which is about bringing people together for me. So that people can become the people they dream of.

For me, leading this soccer team and being someone, I hope that we can be a light to the people in those emails, not all of them are like that. There are many more people who will love you than the other way around. Hopefully this will be an opportunity for everyone to come together, rather than part ways.

While naysayers and critics will point to Staley’s comments as “awake” or “soft,” his point is quite simple and empowering: You can’t be a true leader, whether of a soccer team or otherwise, without giving a positive example. for the people who follow. The fact that Gruden is looking for work now should be proof enough of that theory.

Another point in Staley’s favor for his comments: Current Staley has the Chargers on the right track, going 4-1 to start the 2021 season, his first as head coach in the NFL after patrolling the sidelines with the Rams as their defensive coordinator.

Are you a fan of the Chargers?

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