Cinc restaurants in Barcelona per menjar escudella com la de casa | Styl | Local News

Cinc restaurants in Barcelona per menjar escudella com la de casa | Styl

Sergi de Meià

Both the mateixa philosophy of pampering the Catalan cuisine to the maximum, both local and ecological produce, but in a new location, in the Sant Gervasi-Galvany neighborhood, Sergi Company has returned to open the Sergi de Meià restaurant, becoming a referent of theslow food. It is tracta of a three-storey local to Carrer Laforja, with an interior patio, where you can taste a escudella, more than three clàssics nostrats like els canelos trufats, els Colomins with tripetes de bacallà or les mandonguilles de marisc amb Xocolata. But the one that occupies, the soup, the trobareu a l’estil d’escudella barrejada, is a dir, a plat that carries all the ingredients to dins: galets grans, cigrons, cabbage, potato, pilota, gallina, pollastre, vedella , peu de porc, botifarra black and white. A complete molt ration. “Try to be orthodox because it is difficult to find a molt bona escudella,” he explains in Sergi des de Vilanova de Meià, on a new project with the president of the Fundació Institut Català de la Cuina i de la Cultura Gastronòmica, an initiative that verifies The first in spring to promote the local cuisine, the rural world and the ecological agriculture Mentrestant, in Barcelona, ​​you can gaudir every day with the seva escudella with a minimum menre during l’hivern. Carrer Laforja, 83, Barcelona.

Terra d’escudella


Every week is the day of the main stage at Terra d’escudella, which, as the name indicates, is a tribute to this complete Catalan cuisine. But a month, every day of l’any is allowed to reserve a complete team with carn d’olla, both to go to the restaurant and to import. Roger Sanchez Amat, cook and local soci d’aquest that works as a cooperative, explains that l’escudella barrejada dels divendres porta fideus and arròs, black and white botifarra, potato cabbage and cigrons. This is a platter that is part of the migdia menu. The long version that is to reserve is more complete, carries the brou with galets for a band part of the carn d’olla, which includes pilota, black and white botifarra, conill de vedella, peus de porc and cuixa de vedella. A month, the vegetables with potatoes, pastanaga and cabbage and cigrons or mongetes de llegums. A complete and energetic platter that will surely poach the cos. Filla dels moviments socials de Sants, Terra d’escudella will become new in 2005 as an association converted into a business with the intention of endowing the neighborhood with content. “Claiming the traditional cuisine, mainly Catalan,” explains Sanchez Amat. But they go more enllà dels fogons. Ara mateix hosts an exhibition on the history of the Barcelona fonds in the 19th century, which has resulted in a proper investigation and documentation, and can also be consulted on this website. It is a neighborhood project that will satisfy the panxa and other needs, such as being a space for the interchange of ideas and initiatives of the neighborhood. Carrer Premià, 20, Barcelona.

Ca l’Estevet


When the Fred arrives, in the middle of November, the Escudella enters the menu of Ca l’Estevet and is kept by the end of the Holy Setmana, every day from dimecres a diumenge. Pepe Cabot, owner, explains that the fan is not in love because there is so much demand with the bon temps. From fet, Cabot goes one more card there and regrets that he is “in a city so tremendous that hi can have vint-i-cinc restaurants that fan the Japanese broth but if you obrissis a restaurant of no more than escudella and carn d’olla t’arruïnaries “. I do not know if any gosaria provar-ho, but for now I have the sort of having some restaurants that take care of the kitchen of casa nostra. From fet, Dani Aznar, the cook, explains that l’escudella is a platter every month. Demand tourist movies, that they transport them to the restaurant, so that the fan totales the week. Here the brou above with a great galet, like the one posed by Nadal, and the carn d’olla is presented with a separate cassoleta, On hi ha tota teak: pilota, botifarra negra, bacon, peus, nose and orella de porc, jarret de vedella and chicken. order the set to the seu web and rebre’l at home. of so many colors with the rajoles that decorate the seves parets, a root of tradition enmig d’un barri molt sacsejat for immigration and tourism, which occupies the premises on hi havia the Fonda Navarro, oberta in 1890. Us hem de dir que For mateix they are on vacation, but on the 20th of gener s’hi they return to pose. Carrer Valldonzella, 46, Barcelona.

Fermí Puig


Fermí Puig explains that every day they prepare escudella with galets and pilotetes. The serveixen in a large bowl, on hi cap gairebé mig liter d’ecudella. Face that it is a bona ració, leave the tureen to the coast, a vegades hi has diners with a bon sac that they want to repeat. It is a la carte gairebé tot l’any, except the months of July and August, when the heat is tightening. The plat d’escudella i carn d’olla here is reserved for the Nadal festivities, but molt sovint also has a la carte pilota with potatoes and cigars, a plat that also satisfied brou fans. Fermí Puig is dedicated to traditional Catalan cuisine and tea to a home audience, explains Pel, the owner, who has been in charge of the restaurant since 2013, after directing the Drolma for years, located at the Hotel Majestic, and will be considered as the forerunner of l’alta cuina d’hotel. If you want to taste the seva traditional cuisine, some of the plats that recome are els calamars farcits, the sypia with mandonguilles, the cap i pota with samfaina, the conill a la rabiosa, l’esqueixada de bacallà or les mandonguilles amb pèsols. Hours of xup-xup per als that gaudeixen with the tastes of semper. Carrer Balmes, 175, Barcelona.

The priest’s tavern


In this restaurant, also of traditional cuisine, you can ask for every day of l’and the soup of the chaplain, a forceful brou that fills between 4 and 5 hours each matí to serve-it is heated to the migdia, dins of a large bowl of White ceramic, both sides orelles and shaped like caps de Lleó. Inside, you will find a good dose of soup with fideus fins, trossets of pollastre and fils d’ou. The base of the brou is d’ossos, pollastre, hen and vegetables. Fa 25 years that La taberna del cura, from the Moncho’s group, offers typical Catalan popular cuisine and also some Galician dishes, like the ‘Galician stew’, in Gran de Gràcia. The public seu is from the neighborhood but there are also tourists to discover the typical cuisine. Jesús Domínguez is the director of the local aquest, who gave the name to the chaplain who served as Outeiro, to the Galician municipality of Pol, when I love, Moncho Neira, was young. In honor of you, hi there is a drawing at the side of the entrance. Domínguez explains that he goes back to that tribute because it was a home to which the bon menjar and the bon veure aggravates, a more than three plaers. Gran de Gràcia, 83, Barcelona.

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