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Cur ingure?

The poem that Foix is ​​going to dedicate to Tàpies diu així: Iunni cur unni olàs / ningi innúcure itlóra; / Lora carús tèrni ritlizi, / Titzi cur ane, ane pétora otanna, / Rítli, ot tànna, pir dus bicóra: / Callús! Catlus! If he arrived in high school and in an Italian accent, he will immediately notice that he appears to be lacking in sentiment, in tea. It happens, however, that we do not show above farcit of current meanings, unlike when a sports column arrived. Més aviat notem a surplus of hidden sentit, in the way that the parishioners experience if the chaplain is despenda with a mass in llatí: they do not understand ben bé què diu but they know that it expresses important things.

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