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Dad rages as daughter spends $ 70 on air for car tires

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Dad is fuming as his daughter spends € 70 on new air for her car tires.

TikTok user Kerrimitchellxo has decided to liquidate his father. She sent him a vocal note which left him furious. She claimed to have paid 70 euros for a local garage to renew the tires on her car.

The wind-up worked perfectly and she got the reaction she had hoped for. According to Dublin Live, Kerrimitchellxo asked her father if she got a good deal on the new airwaves.

His father responded by voicemail and said: “€ 70 to air your tires? There is something wrong with you.

“How did you pay 70 fucking euros to get air in your tires?” You don’t pay for that, damn helmet.

“You look like you fucking look in your bleeding head.”

Another voicemail message arrived before Kerrimitchellxo had a chance to respond. His father fumed: “€ 70, are you killing me? 70 € to have someone inflate your tires, there is something really wrong with you. There are a few fucking air cells in your brain that are seriously missing.

Kerrimitchellxo decided to take the stuffing even further and said, “Yeah because one of the rear tires went flat, okay, so I was okay, I’m going to go to the garage and do it.

“The guy behind the counter was saying like it was premium air, so I paid him $ 70 to do it.”

Her father soon bit down and commented, “Premium air?” Are you fucking simple? Premium air !?

“Look, there’s only one type of air, it’s the fucking air you breathe.” Air is air, it inflates a tire. Hope you haven’t given someone € 70.

The posts went viral.

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News Today World news Dad rages as daughter spends $ 70 on air for car tires

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