Democratic Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried Compares Gov. Ron DeSantis to Hitler | Local News

Democratic Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried Compares Gov. Ron DeSantis to Hitler

Florida’s corrupt Democratic Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried compared Governor Ron DeSantis to Hitler.

Nikki Fried is running for governor in the Democratic primary race and recently compared DeSantis to Hitler out of sheer desperation.

The Florida Press reported:

During an interview with WLRN’s “The Florida Round-Up,” Commissioner Fried said, “I’m a history student too, I saw the rise of Hitler. I’ve heard of those stories. I’ve studied Hitler and how he came to power, you know, wanting his own militia and having his own militia.”

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Commissioner Fried says Gov. DeSantis is just trying to instill fear in Floridians, and is even blaming for whatever problems the state is currently facing, saying “blaming certain parts of our society and our culture and that’s exactly what Hitler made the Jews.” You know, during World War II.

“Do I think we’re going to get to this point of Hitler’s power? Of course not, but his rise in power and what he did to scapegoat certain parties and especially the Jewish community in Germany and how he used the persecution”. the media going after, and scapegoating people and blaming people and putting fear and then taking over the military, that’s what this governor is doing,” Fried concluded.

Christina Pushaw. DeSantis’ press secretary criticized Nikki Fried.

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