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Eerie silence to the streets full of joy

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By Wednesday night, 123-1 had turned into 130-7 and suddenly the Bidhan Sarani-Vivekananda Road neighborhood in northern Kolkata, a hub of many traditional pujas, seemed eerily quiet. Until a few minutes before that, I was able to hear music layered at full volume on each pandal with people braving the thunder and lightning to pandal jump.

While the capitals of Delhi prepared the script for a miraculous fight, a strange stillness reigned in the night. Arrival at Rahul Tripathi. He’s been an unsung hero for the Kolkata Knight Riders this season, and with Sunil Narine stepping into the depths, Tripathi went back on strike against Ravi Ashwin, who was on a hat-trick. Ashwin threw the carrom ball and Tripathi simply fell behind to lift it over the bowler’s head to win six games.

Three different things happened within seconds of the shot being played. Snail shells pierced the still air and it was as if the three pujas that surrounded my house had suddenly come to life. Second, the music had started playing again and the owner of the tea stand next door had opened his shop at midnight, hoping to serve the pandal hoppers. Third, the city had become picturesque with the lights from each of the pandales making the night sky much more colorful. After all, it was a radiant Ashtami night.

Belief, the perfect complement to KKR’s IPL 2021 campaign

Rahul Tripathi's six sealed the deal for KKR against DC
Rahul Tripathi’s six sealed the deal for KKR against DC

The KKR campaign at IPL 2021 has many life lessons. First, it’s a lesson in how to never say never in life. Like the second wave of covid, the KKR campaign was fatal and pessimistic in April and May. But when September rolls around, they are a different team with a very different mindset. Things get better after all.

Second, it’s about believing in yourself and how you spread it to the people around you. The introduction of Venkatesh Iyer has made Shubman Gill and Tripathi very different players with much less pressure on them. Finally, even without Russell, KKR never lacked the self-confidence associated with champion teams. It is the perfect life lesson for all of us as we try to emerge from the pandemic.

While we must be vigilant, we must also strive to get our lives back. And despite all the negativity around us, none of us can give up. The journey is not over yet for KKR. So too for each of us. Chennai is still standing there. Covid hasn’t quite gone away either. But surely we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now we know that things change and that is the only constant the world needs right now. KKR has greatly improved our bidding in Bengal and in doing so has given each of us a new lifeline.

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