Electric scooters will be restricted to 10 km / h in Paris | Latest News Headlines

Electric scooters will be restricted to 10 km / h in Paris
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Especially no new grand bazaar in the streets of Paris! Faced with daily friction between cars, pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, scooters, in the face of altercations and accidents which have multiplied since the end of confinements, the City of Paris has decided to toughen the rules of the game. operators of scooters and other self-service equipment, which have changed the urban landscape in a few years. Their electric scooters will be restricted to 10 km / h in most of the capital, and a call for competition will be launched to limit to two or three the number of companies offering scooters and motorcycles, announced Thursday 25 November, David Belliard, Anne Hidalgo’s deputy in charge of transport.

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The elected officials of Paris remember how much the anarchy caused by the massive arrival of electric scooters had been blamed on them in 2019. After having negotiated a simple charter of good conduct with the operators, the pink-red-green team which leads the capital had, finally, had to use the strong method. A call for tenders had reduced the number of companies authorized to operate self-service scooters from twelve to three. In addition, operators had been asked to limit the speed of their devices, to bring it down from a maximum of 25 km / h to 20 km / h, and even to 8 km / h in some areas.

“The situation has improved thanks to these measures, notes David Belliard. But it remains unsatisfactory. ” Since the start of the year, scooters have been involved in 298 crashes, causing two deaths and 329 injuries. At the end of June, the death of a 32-year-old Italian woman, hit in a pedestrian area by two women on an electric scooter, caused a stir.

Call for tenders

The Town Hall then asked Dott, Lime and Tier to act, on pain of not renewing their contracts. As a token of good will, the three operators decided in mid-November to limit the speed of their scooters to 10 km / h in 662 areas of the capital. A solution considered too complex at the town hall. “To ensure the safety of users, we prefer that the speed be limited throughout Paris”, explained, Thursday, David Belliard. Only a few major axes will remain at 20 km / h. The measure, applauded by the borough mayors on the left and on the right, will apply “From the first half of December”.

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The same desire to calm traffic for self-service scooters and motorcycles. Five operators are already active in this market, with around 4,500 devices in total. But six others wish to enter, which could bring to eleven the number of competing companies, affirms the Town hall. To calm things down, a call for tenders will be launched on December 13, and only two or three companies will be selected, in the summer of 2022. Each will not be able to have more than 2,500 scooters initially.

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Electric scooters will be restricted to 10 km / h in Paris
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