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Elias Bendodo offers optimism that pandemic is becoming endemic

Elias Bendodo, spokesman for the government of the Junta de Andalucia and adviser to the presidency, Wednesday January 12, during his visit to the Malaga company, Roman y Martos, offered an optimistic perspective on the situation of the pandemic.

In Bendodo’s view, “this sixth wave of the pandemic is very different from the previous ones and is less severe, so we are already shedding light on the possibility that the pandemic itself is diminishing and becoming endemic.”

“Every day we will have to live more with the pandemic because the current scenarios are different from the previous ones. The way of approaching the presence of Omicron in our lives must be global, it must not be done by territories ”, he added.

Regarding the evolution of the pandemic in Andalusia, Bendodo aligned himself with what has already been declared by Juanma Moreno. He pointed out that “we may have reached the peak of the sixth wave, because when the cumulative incidence at seven days begins to decline, so does the number of hospital admissions, but, on the other hand, so does the number of hospital admissions. aside, intensive care admissions and deaths are increasing ”.

“This is the process that unfolds for several weeks as a wave of the pandemic heads to its end, but it doesn’t mean anything more than that, it doesn’t mean other variants can’t appear. in the future, “he warned. .

He stressed that the Andalusian government will not lower its guard over decision-making “on the fly”, depending on the expansion the coronavirus takes. “You have to be ready to react, the virus cannot be bought, not a centimeter”.

While visiting this company which deals with the distribution, packaging and production of fish, shellfish and meat products, Bendodo addressed the controversial comments made on macro-farms by the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon.

“The central government cannot target the meat sector because a minister does not know what his job is, or because his powers are limited,” he commented, as reported.


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