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Excellent Hydraikos – SPORTSFEED
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Hydraikos was imposing in the first match it gave for the A1 men’s water polo championship.

In the postponed (due to coronavirus cases) match of the first match, Voltyrakis’ team defeated Panathinaikos 17-8, at the Alimos swimming pool and put the first three points in its “bag”, while it still has one game less. The greens suffered their first defeat in the championship.
Hydraikos imposed its rhythm from the beginning, led at halftime with 10-2 and then maintained the big lead, with top scorer Foskolos (5 goals).
Eight minutes: 5-1, 5-1, 3-3, 4-3
ΥΔΡΑΪΚΟΣ (Makis Voltyrakis): Galanidis, Pazaitis 1, Kokkinakis 1, Prekas 2, Almyra, Blanis 2, Jankovic 3, Foskolos 5, Atzic 1, Hatzigoulas, Albertis 2, Partsoglou, Tzokas.
PANATHINAIKOS (Michalis Lazaridis): Gavalas Th., Danourdis, Papadimitriou 1, Xenakis 1, Kourliaftis, Karakasis, Siamas 1, Pantazopoulos 1, Robopoulos, Chatzistefanou, Vekkos 1, Papavassiliou 1, Trichas, Defteradis 1.

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