EXCLUSIVE: Deep State Media Favorite Isn’t Even American, He’s A British Writer For The Washington Post | Top stories

EXCLUSIVE: Deep State Media Favorite Isn’t Even American, He’s A British Writer For The Washington Post

The Washington Post is the publication of choice for the Deep State when they want to dump garbage on the American people to promote a narrative. Briton Jon Swaine seems to be his favorite contact.

In December, as soon as Mark Meadows provided his emails to the Jan.6 Committee, they leaked. In unison, Mainstream Media (MSM) began sharing a leaked document found in the Meadows emails that had a submission that included some Don Berlin work that was presented to President Trump.

PART 3: WE CAUGHT THEM: Deep State Agent Don Berlin Submitted Bogus Election Record To President Trump Before 1-6, Now Jan 6 Committee Is Using This To Affirm Insurrection And Topple President Trump

This presentation included recommendations for President Trump to bring in the US military and marshals to prevent the 2020 fraudulent election from being certified. Within hours of being received, the document was in all the media. Jon Swaine of the Washington Post was one of those who shared this story.

TRENDS: Joe Biden erects a concrete security wall around the White House, but leaves the US border open.

Is The Washington Post The Ultimate Deep State Disinformation Spreading Platform?

Jon Swaine began his career at the Telegraph as a reporter. From there it went to the Guardian and from there it landed in the Washington Post. All three posts are far left.

Jon Swaine LinkedIn

His work with The Guardian consisted of fake news about Russia – collusion, all the time.

John Swaine the Guardian

Swaine even shared an article in The Guardian with Luke Harding, one of the main developers of Steele’s bogus dossier that was used to support Russia’s fabricated story of collusion.

Jon Swaine Luke Harding

Swaine continued his coverage of the Russian fake news collusion story in the Washington Post. Makes you wonder why a Brit would be so interested in this fake news.

After the election, Swaine dealt with every effort to cover up the theft of the 2020 election and humiliate those who challenged the fraud-infested certification of the results.

Jon Swaine WaPo Pieces

Early in President Trump’s term, we discovered that there were efforts by a foreign country in the 2016 election to interfere with those elections. That country was not Russia, it was the United Kingdom.

New Evidence Provides Additional Support That The UK Interfered With The 2016 US Elections More Than Russia!

Jon Swaine Publication Summary and linkages scaled

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