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FC Barcelona: Children against the ‘Messi brand’ | sports
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Operators remove Messi from the Camp Nou façade.Thiago Prudencio (SOPA Images)

Two weeks after arriving at Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi has already revalued the Parisian club economically. This was clarified by a report from the French newspaper L’Equipe, which estimated the sales of Argentine shirts – with the number 30 – in more than 50% to which they were sued with the arrival of Neymar in 2017, also a footballer who arrived from Barcelona. At the same time, followers on social networks soared —more than 20% in that short period of time, even though, for example, the Twitter account (17.2 million from PSG) is still half that of the del Barcelona (38.3) – which, when monetized, turned into about 25 million euros. Money that Barcelona stops earning and that now, engulfed in a most delicate economic situation with 1,350 million in debt, requires the marketing area to manage to reach the fans. Among other things because Leo is no longer there, neither are Luis Suárez and Griezmann, capital pillars in the past to generate money.

“We have to look for new income, focusing on our fans from all over the world. We have more than 400 million followers, more than any other ”, explained a few days ago the Barça CEO, Ferran Reverter, in a presentation to explain the club’s rickety accounts; “But we must know them and interact in a different way, understand them better, growing the databases.” A lever that was activated was the Barça store to buy on-line the club’s products, as well as exclusive collections. At the same time, the strategy of the Barça Fan Tokens, digital assets issued by the company blockchain Chiliz. Initiatives that the marketing area is monitoring (to know the impact on the sale of marketing, tickets, t-shirts …), in addition to drawing up three new advertising plans to rebuild the coffers.

The first strategy came with Messi’s goodbye, so the campaign was launched More than [en referencia al lema más que un club] in which the entity intends to value the singularities of Barcelona with a defined style of play, multisport vocation and commitment to women’s sport, in addition to a unique ownership model, the commitment of the Foundation and, above all, the capital of La Masia. A claim that puts identity before the result, knowing that it will be a difficult time in sports. From the club, however, they trust the emergence of young people and the play on words that makes Cruyff’s Dream Team the Dream teen [de teenagers, adolescentes en inglés] as the best possible claim.

“Young people have a pull because they carry hope and the idea of ​​the future,” says a club worker. Second strategy that clarified the club’s magazine with a cover that featured all the players under 22 years of age (Dest, Iñaki Peña, Mingueza, Araujo, Nico, Eric García, Tenas, Collado, Balde, Demir, Ansu, Riqui Puig, Pedri and Gavi). But few sell more than Ansu since his return to the pitch, also Pedri and of course the signing of Memphis. “And we hope that the gavi effect also have a great reception ”, admits a Barcelona worker.

Five by five

But dealing with what Messi generated – the consulting firm Brand Finance estimated a 10% loss in the club’s value, up to 1,129 million euros – is not easy. For this reason, from the club they have devised a final strategy “that involves making compositions of five or six players instead of one”. Because Leo is not the same as any other. Thus, the Camp Nou façade is the example because before Messi was in the center and foreground, surrounded by the captains; Now, however, Ter Stegen, Pedri, Piqué, Busquets, De Jong and Ansu appear on the same plane. The same happens in the Camp Nou store, where Ansu, De Jong and Pedri have their own corners.

“With the pandemic, the number of clients, especially foreigners, has dropped. But what has been achieved is the conversion tax ”, they say from the club. Or, what is the same, who enters the store buys more. The same goes for sales on-line, even if the entity refuses to encrypt them. And it is that anything goes and serves to fight against Messi brand.

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