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Federal entity in DC maintains a list of people who rejected the vaccine for religious reasons

The Biden Administration’s actions related to the COVID vaccine have been outrageous. Now it is reported that an entity maintains a list of people who rejected the vaccine for religious reasons.

We reported this earlier, how the Biden Administration was abusing American soldiers and forcing them to fill out an intrusive document when they wanted to opt out of COVID vaccines for religious reasons.

American soldiers are required to complete an intrusive questionnaire describing their religious beliefs and activities as a requirement for not taking the jab for religion

Now we learn that a DC entity is creating a list of those who reject the vaccine on religious grounds. The Daily Signal published a report on an entity’s efforts to track down opponents of COVID-19 vaccines on religious grounds.

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A small administrative agency in the District of Columbia announced a new policy Tuesday that will likely serve as a model for a government-wide push to gather lists of Americans religiously opposed to a COVID-19 vaccine.

The District of Columbia Pretrial Services Agency, an independent federal entity that helps District of Columbia court officials formulate release recommendations and provide supervision and services to defendants awaiting trial, announced a new system of records that will store the names and religious information “of all employees who make” religious accommodation requests for the religious exception to the immunization requirement required by the federal government. “

The announcement does not explain why the agency needs to create this list, except to say that it will “assist the Agency in the collection, storage, dissemination, and disposal of employee religious exemption application information collected and maintained by the Agency”. In other words, the list will help the agency make a list.

The announcement also does not say what the agency will do with this information after it has decided on an employee’s religious accommodation request.

And the ad also doesn’t explain why the Biden administration chose to test this policy at an agency with predominantly black staff, who are more religious and less vaccinated than other groups. This in terms of the president’s commitment to “racial equity.”

We are beginning to suspect that President Joe Biden is not delivering on his promise to have the most transparent administration in history.

There are many questions about these lists. What is the reason for keeping the list? What will these lists be used for? Who ordered them to be created and how extensive will these lists be? Will they be protected and maintained?

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