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FINA follows the example of World Athletics
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The World Swimming Federation (FINA) has decided – albeit 8 years late – to issue a report on a committee reform, on which the independent track and field integrity authority will be built and established.

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Australian Bill Sweetenham, the top coach and mentor of many great athletes who competed in the Olympics along with other coaches from member countries of the world federation, has been appealing to FINA for more than 7 years to seriously address the issue. risk of disintegration. At that time, their voices were not heard, as they were considered dangerous by the Marculescu regime. Today, however, many of those responsible for the fact that the track and field are very low in the evaluation of the Olympic Committee, are presented as pioneers and reformers who propose significant changes that will lead to the consolidation of the sport.

The truth is that the initiative to change the sailing style of FINA came at the right time, as recently its name has been tarnished so much with cases of athletes who use banned substances (such as the 2019 world champion, Sun Yang, who is still punished ) as well as with many scandals concerning the mismanagement of national federations.

FINA President Hussein al-Moussalam, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said: It is crucial for a union to have the right foundations. “Thanks to the work of the reform committee, the changes being made to the national federations are very positive and ensure that our future success will last.”

This reform report recommends changes in many areas, such as administration, communication, marketing, organization, safety rules, care, gender equality and the general evolution of the track and field. According to the timetable contained in the report, the principle of track and field integrity will be adopted on 21 December. The election of the members, as well as the rules that will be adopted, will take place in May 2022, at the FINA conference in Fukuoka, Japan, and the authority will be able to start its duties in June next year.


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