Flirting doesn’t always come naturally. Here’s a tip to help you out: NPR | Breaking News Updates

Flirting doesn’t always come naturally. Here’s a tip to help you out: NPR

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Whether you spot someone you find attractive on the subway or at a bar, or have had a crush on them for some time, flirting doesn’t always come naturally. Jayda Shuavarnnasri is a sex and relationship educator who has seen a lot of flirtations motivated by the focus on the endgame, like trying to get someone’s number.

The next time, if anyone interests you, give it your number.

It’s a little way to upend the usual power dynamics that come with flirting.

For Shuavarnnasri, it refers to the culture of getting something out of an interaction. “We’re so used to flirting as a means to an end,” she says. But if you remove that goal, you might be able to focus on creating a mutually enjoyable experience instead.

“You get a much better result if, instead of trying to get others to do us good, we really focus on making them feel good,” says Jean Smith, author of the book. Flirtology: stop slipping, start talking and find love.

Once you’ve done your part, let the other person decide for themselves if they want to hit you. Because it’s really about them.

here is more tips on flirting.

22 tips for 2022 is edited and curated by Dalia Mortada, Arielle Retting, Janet W. Lee, Beck Harlan, Beth Donovan and Meghan Keane. This tip comes from an episode of Life Kit hosted by Andrew Limbong and produced by Andee Tagle.

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