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France lagging behind on car charging stations
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While waiting for the “France 2030” strategic plan, the network of French public car charging stations is still struggling. This Wednesday, in an interview with AFP, the Minister of Transport nevertheless considered that the situation was “satisfactory”. He claims that France had 400,000 terminals at the start of the year and that it even had more than 700,000 at the 1er August. “We will have a million at the end of the year […] And we will have equipped all the service areas by the end of 2022 ”he even announced. Wonderful, then.

The reality is quite different. Only 45,000 terminals, in fact, are accessible. On a European level, it’s not bad. This figure even places France in third place among the countries in Europe for its equipment rate (with 20% of the points available in Europe), according to the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), behind the Netherlands, but ahead of Germany. But this remains largely insufficient.

A network of heartache andbadly maintained terminals

In France, only one in two motorway rest areas (less than 180) is equipped with a fast charging socket, which is essential for planning long journeys. Where then do these 700,000 points cited by the minister come from? Thousands of outlets and terminals for private use, installed at



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