“France will not let the Channel become a cemetery”, assures Emmanuel Macron | Local Business News

“France will not let the Channel become a cemetery”, assures Emmanuel Macron
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“It is Europe in what it carries deepest humanism, respect for the dignity of each person – who is in mourning ”, affirmed, Wednesday, November 24, Emmanuel Macron after the death of at least 27 migrants in the Channel. While promising that “France will not let the English Channel become a cemetery”, the President of the Republic demanded “An emergency meeting of European ministers concerned by the migration challenge” ensuring that “Everything will be done to find and condemn those responsible” of this drama.

The head of state also requested the “Immediate reinforcement of the resources of the Frontex agency at the external borders” of the European Union (EU), according to a press release from the Elysee.

“We are all moved by this tragedy which strikes everyone in their privacy and in their values”, specified Emmanuel Macron, expressing his “Compassion” and the “Unconditional support from France” to the families of the victims.

“Shocked, revolted and deeply saddened”, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, assured to want ” Do more “ with France to discourage illegal Channel crossings. “We had difficulty persuading some of our partners, in particular the French, to act up to the situation”, he declared on the Sky News channel, pointing to the Franco-British disagreements.

In a telephone interview in the evening, Mr Johnson and Mr Macron “Agreed on the urgency of increasing their joint efforts to prevent these crossings and to do their utmost to prevent life-threatening gangs”, according to a Downing Street spokesperson. They also insisted on “The importance of close collaboration with Belgian and Dutch neighbors as well as with partners on the continent”.

“The answer must obviously also come from Great Britain”, said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, calling for “A very tough coordinated international response”, in front of this drama “Which affects us all”. “I want to say here that the people primarily responsible for this despicable situation are the smugglers”, added the minister, in Calais.

London and Paris had already agreed recently to strengthen their cooperation to stop departures, after the arrival on 11 November of 1,185 migrants in England, a record.

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“Accelerate the dismantling of criminal networks”

Emmanuel Macron also questioned the “Networks of smugglers who, by exploiting misery and distress, endanger human lives and ultimately decimate families”. “France is acting, in conjunction with Great Britain, to dismantle the networks of smugglers” and “Since the start of the year, thanks to the mobilization of 600 police and gendarmes, 1,552 smugglers have been arrested on the northern coast and 44 smugglers networks dismantled”, said the president, adding that “7,800 migrants were saved”.

“Despite this action, 47,000 crossing attempts have taken place since 1er January “, according to him. “If we do not step up our efforts today, other tragedies will happen again”, he warned. For that, “We must speed up the dismantling of criminal networks linked to Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany”. “We owe it to the victims, to the orphans, to the families. We owe it to ourselves ”, he concluded.

For Natalie Elphicke, the Conservative MP for Dover, a city in the south-east of England facing migrant landings, this tragedy shows that “Saving lives at sea starts first by stopping boats going into the water”.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex, who regretted a “Tragedy”, will hold an interministerial meeting on this file on Thursday at 8:30 am with the interior ministers, Gérald Darmanin, justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, armies, Florence Parly, sea, Annick Girardin, transport, Jean -Baptist Djebbari, foreign affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, and the secretary of state for European affairs, Clément Beaune, according to his services.

Rally in Calais in tribute to the victims

About fifty people gathered near the port of Calais in the evening. “Calais, inhuman and degrading treatment”, “Calais, human rights outraged, broken, martyred”, was it written on signs.

“Darmanin, assassin, you have blood on your hands”, “Shame, Bouchart [la maire de la ville], Calais becomes a hearse “, also chanted the demonstrators.

“It annoys us to see the politicians say that it is the smugglers’ fault instead of taking their responsibilities in relation to the situation in Calais”, Tance Clara, among the demonstrators who lit small candles. “We are there to meditate because we are sad, because we are tired of counting the dead”, adds the 25-year-old activist.

For Lucie, volunteer in Calais, “We should put in place a secure passage for these people in England in a controlled manner to prevent even more deaths.” “

“There is a lot of emotion tonight, it’s the biggest drama at sea”, said the young woman. When migrants tell him about their objective to cross the Channel, “We don’t encourage them, we don’t stop them either. It is their choice. We just give them dignity here for the time that remains ”, she explains.

“With increasingly high barriers, this drama was to be expected, it’s maddening. They already had no housing yesterday and today they are lifeless ”, laments Anne, resident of Calais.

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“France will not let the Channel become a cemetery”, assures Emmanuel Macron
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