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Fuengirola Zoo sees the birth of the world’s smallest ruminant

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The Fuengirola Zoo is the birthplace of the smallest ruminant in the world. image: wikipedia

Fuengirola Bioparc Zoo witnesses the birth of the world’s smallest ruminant

The Fuengirola Zoo, in the province of Malaga, on the Costa del Sol, celebrates the arrival of a new addition to its animal collection, with the birth of a new species at the Bioparc. This new deer mouse is the smallest ruminant in the world, in addition to being the most primitive.

Weighing barely 300g, it is hardly bigger than a cell phone. While a newborn human normally weighs only about 4% of its mother’s weight, the baby deer mouse, at birth, already accounts for 30% of the mother’s weight.

Due to the nature of this species, the development of the offspring of these animals occurs very quickly. Nature does its job, according to wildlife experts, as these creatures normally inhabit harsh environments where a newborn baby could fall prey to all manner of carnivores.

A few hours after birth, a baby deer mouse is already able to stand, walk and even jump. After only four months, he reaches sexual maturity. Adults normally never reach more than 20 centimeters in height and weigh around 1.2 kilograms.

The smallest ruminant in the world has a digestive system with FOUR stomachs

One incredible feature that has sparked the interest of scientists in this species is the fact that these tiny prehistoric animals have an amazing digestive system made up of four stomachs. To put this in context, the most evolved digestive system known is that of cows, and they have three stomachs.

Born with incredible survival instincts, from birth, these tiny animals mostly stay hidden from the mother, only coming to her at night to feed. Wildlife scientists still know very little about this mouse deer species as fieldwork in their natural environment is extremely difficult, and now the Fuengirola Zoo has one of these incredible animals, as reported.


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