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GE Suspends Vaccine Requirement After Supreme Court Overturns Biden’s OSHA Mandate

General Electric Co on Friday suspended its vaccination or testing requirement for its 174,000 employees after the Supreme Court blocked Joe Biden’s OSHA mandate.

The US Supreme Court on Thursday blocked Joe Biden’s OSHA vaccination mandate for companies with more than 100 employees.

“While Congress has indisputably given OSHA the power to regulate workplace hazards, it has not given that agency the power to regulate public health more broadly,” the court wrote in an unsigned opinion.

“Requiring the vaccination of 84 million Americans, selected simply because they work for employers with more than 100 employees, certainly falls into the latter category,” the court wrote.

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GE is the first domino to fall.

CNBC reported:

General Electric suspended its Covid testing and vaccine requirement on Friday after the Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s mandate, a company spokesperson told CNBC.

GE, which had 174,000 employees at the end of 2020, encouraged its employees to get vaccinated, the spokesperson said.

Tyrant Joe Biden continues to ask private companies to force employees to get vaccinated despite the Supreme Court ruling.

“The court has ruled that my administration cannot use the authority granted to it by Congress to require this measure,” Biden said. “But that doesn’t stop me from using my voice as president to advocate for employers to do the right thing to protect the health and economy of Americans.”

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