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Germany covers its mouth in protest at the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Doha (EFE) support for the LGTBI+ community.

Following rumors that Germany goalkeeper and captain Manuel Nauer would wear the rainbow armband, the players made the gesture in protest.

Previously, the second assistant of the collegiate body went to check the bracelet worn by the Bayern Munich goalkeeper.

FIFA had warned that it would penalize players who display the bracelet proposed by the “One Love” association in protest of the human rights situation in Qatar, particularly the LGTBI+ community.

The “eleven” of Germany covers their mouths in protest against FIFA, in the match against Japan at the Qatar 2021 World Cup. EFE/EPA/Friedemann Vogel

A decision that has earned harsh criticism of its president, Gianni Infantino, including from Germany, Nancy Feaser, stood in the box of authorities of the match, played at the Khalifa International stadium, with the rainbow bracelet.

The president of the Danish Football Federation, Jesper Moller, has assured that he will not vote for Infantino in the elections for the head of FIFA in protest of that decision.

“We are in an extraordinary situation. I’m not just disappointed, I’m angry. We are going to ask for legal clarification after this series of pressures,” he said.

Quite the opposite of his colleague from the French Federation, Noel Le Graet, who claimed to be alienated in the position of FIFA.
«We are 32 teams from different continents, cultures and religions, with different problems. I think it’s good that FIFA has decided that everyone wears the same bracelet,” he said.