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Giants HC Joe Judge caught lying about the status of quarterback Daniel Jones

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QB Daniel Jones’ New York Giants are 1-4 this season. The team has a lot of problems, especially with injuries. Offensive linemen Shane Lemieux and Nick Gates (an offensive captain) are out this season, as are center linebacker and defensive captain Blake Martinez.

Wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton missed the last two games with hamstring injuries, and left tackle Andrew Thomas also missed the previous game against the Dallas Cowboys due to injury. During this divisional clash, both running back Saquon Barkley and quarterback Daniel Jones left the game injured.

Barkley has a problem with his ankle, while Jones left the game after a horrific concussion.

Here is the success of Daniel Jones and the stumble after … Prayers to Daniel.

But injuries don’t just devastate Jones and the Giants, the coaching staff is also a problem. In the latest mess, head coach Joe Judge claimed that Jones would not practice on the field, yet reporters saw him with full pads and doing reps at teams practice.

Joe Judge’s invaluable reaction, after saying that quarterback Daniel Jones (concussion) couldn’t participate in practice, only to be told by a reporter that Jones had just walked out onto the field with full pads. 👇

Rumor has it that you will see the Giants logo when you look up the definition of “chaos” in any good dictionary.

Will Jones play Sunday?

Concussions are delicate injuries because everyone is different. It is impossible to know how long a player will be out.

The NFL enforces stricter rules every year to ensure the health of players. Before returning to the game, Jones will have to undergo a five-step process before he is allowed to return to the field:

The first step involves resting and limiting activities that can increase or worsen symptoms. The player can perform stretching and balancing activities. Doctors will only authorize the player to proceed to the next phase if he shows no signs of a concussion.

Phase two involves the gradual start of an aerobic exercise program. The player must demonstrate that they can perform cardiovascular exercise without aggravating their symptoms.

In phase three, the player will participate in drills that begin to mimic specific soccer activities. You can also undergo supervised strength training.

In the fourth phase, the player can participate in club-based non-contact training exercises. These include throwing, catching, and running.

The fifth and final phase consists of participating in a full soccer practice with full contact. Once the player has practiced thoroughly, the team doctor will give the player the go-ahead.

After being cleared by the team doctor, the Independent Neurological Consultant must examine the player. If the INC authorizes the player, he will be allowed to play in the next game.

Jones has a long way back before playing or even practicing again. Each concussion is unique, so to this day, it is impossible to know if Jones will play next Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams at MetLife Stadium in New York.

If Jones can’t go, backup quarterback Mike Glennon will face black and gold.

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