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Gunman shoots at Spanish university campus

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An armed man reportedly fired shots at a university campus in the Basque Country.

An armed man was arrested by police after firing several shots at a university in the Basque Country in the municipality of Leioa, which is a province of Biscay.

Upon receipt of the alert from the security services on site at the University, the *Ertzaintza quickly dispatched patrols to the area. Access to the campus was closed and all buses going to the area were rerouted to nearby stops.

When police arrived, they quickly located and detained the armed individual who was reported to have shot at the Faculty of Science and Technology building at around 7:00 p.m. this evening. According to witnesses, the shooter also shot at the bus that connects the town to Bilbao. There were no injuries, confirmed the Ertzaintza.

Basque police, unwilling to take any risks and not knowing if there was more than one gunman, dispatched several patrol units and a helicopter to the scene. An ambulance with paramedics was also on standby. In a message posted on Twitter, the Ertzaintza sent a message of calm to those affected and their families. At 8 p.m., the police announced that the situation was under control.

An investigation has been opened into the incident and the suspect is currently being questioned.

*The Ertzaintza is the autonomous police force of the Basque Country, largely replacing the Spanish Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil. A member of Ertzaintza is called an Ertzaina.

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