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Handball premiere: Diomidis easily
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Diomidis Argous comfortably defeated Ionikos New Philadelphia for the 5th game of the handball premiere with a score of 33-20.

Argites started dynamically and led with eight goals at halftime (11-9). Although the Ionian N.F. pressed to reduce the difference, Diomidis Argous maintained the lead in the second half and won 33-20
Five minutes: 4-3, 6-3, 9-3, 11-5, 14-7, 17-9 (ημχ), 20-10, 24-11, 26-12, 29-12, 30-15, 33-20
Diomidis (Georgiadis): Sevelev 6, Zvania 1, Tzimboulas 5, Tsejovic 2, Hionis, Mugits G. 4, Mallios 8, Hatzikonstantinou, Kostoulas 1, Anagnostopoulos 4, Siatirlis, Manthos 1, Chernikaou, Patasouri 1, Kremastiotis,
Ionian (Arvanitis): S. Aivaliotis 3, Papadopoulos 1, Braoudakis, Syggaris, Vassiliou 2, P. Aivaliotis, Handelis 4, Siatras, Mainas, Karamasiotis, Mantzopoulos 3, Heliotis, Liolios, Halaris 1, Balaskas 2, Lalaskas 2.
Two minutes: 7-0. Red: Balaskas (59:55 – dangerous game, no ticket was kept). Penalty: 2 / 2-0 / 3

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