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Handball premiere: Return to victories for Drama
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After the defeat by PAOK, which was the first for the premier handball championship, Drama returned to victory in the 5th game.

It prevailed at home over Zafeirakis Naoussa 28-21. The two teams alternated in the score in the first minutes, with Zafeirakis Naoussa leading with two goals at the end of the half (15-13). Drama pressed the accelerator in the second half and made an upset in the 45th minute. The hosts maintained and expanded the lead and won 28-21
_sends: 0-2, 1-4, 6-6, 9-9, 10-12, 13-15 (ημχ), 14-16, 17-17, 20-18, 24-20, 24-20, 28-21 .
Drama (Valavanis): Tozakidis, Papazoglou, Kafantaris, Bougarinovic 2, Nikolic 8, Haitidis 4, Kovoglanidis, Kotsamarikoglou, Polydoros 2, Tornikidis 3, Toskas 3, Kavazis, Demertzidis, Kourtidis, Papadopoulos 3, S.
Zafeirakis (Deligiannis): Kanizai 6, Pitos, Theodoropoulos 8, Daskalopoulos, Galitis, Bolas 3, Pinakoudis, Lepegier, Didaskalou, Tsatsas 1, Tzouvaras, Bouboulentras, Rotzios 2, Tsageras 1, Karabelkos.
Two minutes: 4-7. Penalty: 0/0 – 4/4

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