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Hostage President – SPORTSFEED

There is no smoke without fire and in the last few weeks many… smokes had gathered over Syggrou with Giannis Themelidis finally being the one who lit the fire and “blackened” Sakorafa.

of Stavrou Georgakopoulos
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This happened at the first meeting of the Board of SEGAS for 2022, where the president of SEGAS realized that she is now being held hostage, as it turned out that it is not only the Thessaloniki councilor who left her.
Two other members of hers split their positions in yesterday’s council (although in the end they voted for her line) and sent her warning messages disagreeing with the unprecedented practices of the SEGAS president.
But let’s take them from the beginning. Giannis Themelidis elected to the Board of SEGAS with the Sakorafa faction, after 10 months of participation in the administrative model of Sakorafa, but also 10 months of waiting for any improvement in the internal operation of the administrative leadership, assessed the situation and took a stand against Sakorafa raising issues and denouncing the practices and methods of the president in the matter of selection of technical consultants.
For the first time after 10 months of Sakorafa’s rule in SEGAS, what until recently was heard only by the 10 mouths of the members of the Renaissance, was also heard by others. The 10 opposing votes now became 11 and may increase even more, since apart from Themelidis who voted against the president’s suggestions, two other people of hers opposed the elections of Sakorafa. Melachrinos and Mantas may not have emptied her in yesterday’s polls, but they sent the message that he is no longer by her side.
And to be today with new data in SEGAS, with a draw of forces 11-11, with the 23rd vote to be the neutral representative of the athletes and of course with the possibility of two more losses for Sakorafa within the Board.
That is why yesterday’s meeting was the first time we had a Sakorafa in defense, a weakened president trying to close issues and fight to escape the wreck, receiving blows mainly from the trio of Themelidis-Melachrinou-Manta. We do not know if she will succeed, but as the report shows, no one seems to bet in her favor.
It is not only this unexpected 11-11 that emerged after yesterday’s developments, it is not that she has lost the trust of many of her own unions refusing to pay their 2020 debts, she is also the real face of the president who, as it is revealed, is ready to altar of her personal survival to sacrifice everyone and everything.

Jeoffro René

I photograph general events and conferences and publish and report on these events at the European level.

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