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in Guinea, the Pogba affair closely followed

Target of extortion attempts amounting to millions of euros, Paul Pogba finds himself at the heart of an incredible affair of which his own brother Mathias is at the origin. While Mathias and his twin Florentin Pogba played in the jersey of Guinea, France 24 went to gather the opinion of the Guinean sports press which closely follows the “Pogbaffair”.

“The Pogbas wash the dirty laundry in public.” In Guinea, the country for which the twin brothers Mathias and Florentin Pogba, eldest of Paul the French international, play, the incredible accusations of extortion and maraboutage are causing a stir in the local press.

“We can’t imagine for a moment that this is happening to this very close-knit family. This Pogba affair is a surprise for us with brothers who are tearing each other apart,” said Aliou Chérif, journalist at CIS Radio.

“We are very surprised at what is happening. We were so used to seeing them together: Mathias, Florentin and Paul. When we see them together, they make you want to live, to live well”, explains Bobo Barry, a another journalist from the same radio station.

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The football world is full of sordid stories, but it remains stunned by the large-scale extortion attempt of which Paul Pogba, French world champion and Juventus star claims to be a victim. To investigators, the 29-year-old midfielder said he was trapped by childhood friends and two hooded men armed with assault rifles accusing him of not having helped them financially. A sum of 13 million euros would have been claimed from him, and the “Pickaxe” claims to have paid 100,000 euros.

The story came to the surface after the publication on Saturday of an enigmatic video of Mathias Pogba, the player’s older brother, cold with the star of the Blues. He twice promised “revelations” on the Turinese, and in particular on his supposed use of the services of a marabout.

In France, an investigation was opened on August 3 of the chief of extortion in organized gang and attempt. The investigations were entrusted to the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime.