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In Réunion, partial opening of the New Coastal Road

The site was started at the end of 2013 and has just delivered its first section: the Reunionese have started to take an 8.7 km section of the New Coastal Road (NRL) – but only in the Saint-Denis-La Possession direction. The project, which has been delayed, will not be completed before 2030 and its total budget should exceed 2.2 billion euros.

While France breathes a sigh of relief, the feeling of injustice is growing in Overseas France: the 20-cent rebate on fuel promised by TotalEnergies to the whole of France has not been applied in several of these territories.

This is an event in Reunion: the long-awaited opening of the New Coastal Road (NRL). A very partial opening but which delights the first users. The final bill for the project should exceed 2.2 billion euros.

On the Pacific side, one of the largest floating power stations in the world is due to arrive this weekend on the coast of Caillou after a maritime journey of nearly 20,000 kilometers from Istanbul. Symbol of the first economic agreement between Turkey and New Caledonia, it will supply energy to the metallurgical plant of the company Le Nickel (SLN), from the harbor of Nouméa, for at least three years.

New Caledonia where the date of November 22, 2016 will remain etched in our memories. That day, landslides caused the death of eight people in Houaïlou. Since then, the municipality and the Nickel Fund have been investing to secure and revegetate this so-called “orphan” mine, held responsible for this tragedy.

Finally, the Saint-Cyr villa in Fort-de-France is one of the 100 projects selected for the 2022 heritage lotto. A Martinican building more than a century old, “archetype of bourgeois houses” of its time, according to the Mission Inheritance. A new life awaits him.