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Increase of eight euros per month on autonomous minimum payments in 2022

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The increase in automatic minimum payments comes as the current hike begins and inflation is added

The general state budgets for the following financial year include an increase in the minimum autonomousmo payments owed by self-employed workers. This combines the usual annual inflation-based increase with all amounts that were delayed by the pandemic. The government has decided that this amount will be 1.7% according to “inflation forecasts”, explained Israel Arroyo, in his role as Secretary of State for Social Security..

The minimum now increases to 294 euros per month for generalist freelancers, an increase of 96 euros over the year. Self-employed workers can expect a higher increase of 18.7 euros per month, or 225 euros more over the year.

Arroyo acknowledged that the bases for the increase “do not increase in real terms”, as they correspond to the expected rate of inflation for the following year.. The lowest contributions of the self-employed should become even more unequal with those of employees, which are based on the minimum salary.

Autonómos will always be able to choose to pay in the minimum next year before the government rolls out its new sliding scale system. In the new system, the self-employed will also pay according to their income. Executive should to approve these reform plans next year but will not start rolling them out until 2023.

If a person chooses to keep the amount paid for the membership fee minimum, any amount they receive in return in the form of social benefits will also be the least. This is the position many found themselves in during the pandemic with a large number of people receiving 661 euros per month through “unemployment assistance” which was 70% of their previous contributions.. It also explains the gap between the retirement funds for employees and the self-employed, the former being much higher..


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Local News Fox news Increase of eight euros per month on autonomous minimum payments in 2022

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