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Indian army to present lightweight, climate-friendly combat uniform from next year

The Indian military will introduce a lighter, more climate-friendly combat uniform for its personnel starting next year. The new camouflage uniform will feature a digitally disruptive pattern and will be shown on January 15 during the Army Day Parade, Business Standard reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

The new combat uniform has been finalized, according to reports, following extensive discussions and a review of military uniforms from several countries.

It was created with two goals in mind: to protect soldiers from harsh weather conditions and to provide camouflage in the field to improve survivability.

After evaluating 15 models, eight models and four fabrics, the new army combat uniform was created with the help of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

Made from a blend of cotton and polyester in a 70:30 ratio, the lightweight fabric dries quickly, making it comfortable for troops during operations. The new uniform, which will feature a mix of colors including olive and earth, will be extremely comfortable and durable in both summer and winter, sources said.

The Indian military has rejected comparisons between the new combat uniform and the LTTE uniform. The two are very different and filters were used to distort the new look of the Army model, according to the Army.

The Indian Army is also holding a negotiation and communication skills workshop for its commanders in the field so that they can deal with the dynamic and emerging challenges they often face.

The Navy deployed a new camouflage uniform last year.

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