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Interim Karamarinov officially becomes president
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From tomorrow, Dobromir Karamarinov will be officially the president of the European Athletics Federation.

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The current president of the Bulgarian and Balkan federations, managed to be the only candidate for the presidency as Libor Varhanik (president of the Czech federation) stepped back having taken on the big task of the 2022 European Championships in Munich.
The election will take place tomorrow at the Royal Savoy Hotel in Lausanne and all interest is focused on the election of the vice-president where the candidates are three and in the two vacant council seats and the candidates are four.
Candidates for the position of vice-president are the vice-president of the Estonian Olympic Committee, president of the track and field federation and current member of the EA council, Eric Teigamaggi. The Spanish-speaking and versatile Frenchman Jean Garcia who is vice-president of the French track and field federation and the ambitious Hungarian Marton Gioulai who represents the new generation. The battle will be ambiguous with Garcia having a small lead as he seems to have the support of Karamarinov.
As for the two seats on the board, they are claimed by Jürgen Kessing (Germany), Frank Carreras (Givaltar), Henrik Olzewski (Poland) and Luis Figuerado (Portugal).

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