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IPL 2021: “Rahul Tripathi anticipated well and surpassed Ashwin in the final”

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Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar opined that Rahul Tripathi displayed admirable composure against Ravichandran Ashwin in the second-placed final at IPL 2021. Gavaskar believes that Tripathi outscored Ashwin and hit a fabulous six when the team needed six runs on two balls.

Speaking to Star Sports after the DC vs. KKR showdown, Sunil Gavaskar reviewed the match and gave his opinion on Ashwin’s endgame. He said:

“On the last ball, Ashwin miscalculated. Ashwin thought Tripathi was going to go down the field, but Tripathi didn’t do that. He threw a little flatter so he won’t be in goal for Tripathi, in case he rushes down. The pitch for a great shot. But Tripathi also anticipated well, and he landed a great shot and finished innings in an excellent way. “

Gavaskar also defended Ashwin and said:

“Ashwin is a very smart bowler. He knew exactly what to throw to which batter today. He was reading the batter’s mind well. Ashwin knew that Sunil Narine would just try to push himself at everything, so he threw it a little wider than the fold, and Narine was caught by the fielder at length. “

Kolkata Knight Riders will now face CSK in the final on Friday. Dubai will host this clash at the summit.

“Ashwin hasn’t been a land grabber in T20 cricket for a long time”: Sanjay Manjrekar

Sanjay Manjerkar recently criticized Ravichandran Ashwin for his inability to be effective and a match winner in T20 cricket in recent years. Speaking to ESPNcricinfo, Manjrekar gave his take on Ashwin’s performance in the T20 format. He said:

“We’ve spent too much talking about Ashwin. Ashwin, the T20 bowler, is not a great force on any team. And if you want Ashwin to change, I don’t think that will happen because he’s been like that for the last five or seven years. Ashwin hasn’t been a ground catcher in T20 cricket for long and I don’t think a franchise wants Ashwin on the team just to keep runs down. “

After an average season for the Delhi capitals, Ashwin will now practice his trade for the India team during the upcoming T20 World Cup. He will share the spinning responsibilities in the Indian team together with Ravindra Jadeja, Varun Chakravarthy and Rahul Chahar.

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