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Irving sidelined by Brooklyn
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Faced with Kyrie Irving’s refusal to be vaccinated, the Brooklyn Nets, via their manager Sean Marks, announced on Tuesday the total sidelining of the player, while ensuring respect for the choice of their leader to remain in his positions.

A strong choice on the part of the Brooklyn Nets. Faced with the refusal of their leader Kyrie Irving to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and the conspiracy theories drawn to justify his choice, the NBA club said, via team manager Sean Marks, that the player of 29 years was excluded from the prosecution and training with the club: “Faced with the current situation and after deliberation, it was decided that Kyrie Irving will not play and will not train with the group, until he is eligible for to play “.

As a reminder, the league had announced that the players who would miss the matches because of their refusal to be vaccinated, will see their wages reduced considerably. A big blow for Irving who, faced with the ban on playing with the Nets, could lose tens of millions of dollars.

“Kyrie made a personal choice and we respect her right to choose”

In the statement of Sean Marks, the latter respects Irving’s decision not to be vaccinated, but says he wants a group of players available all season. “Kyrie made a personal choice, and we respect his individual freedom. However, his choice restricts his ability to be full time with the team, and we do not allow any member of the team to participate partially, ”he explained.

Despite this great loss, the Nets claim to want to fight for the title and give pleasure to the supporters: “Our goal of winning the title has not changed and all members of the franchise must pull in the same direction to achieve it. We can’t wait to start the season and experience an exciting campaign that will make the people of Brooklyn proud ”.

The season is not even started that the Nets must already deprive themselves of an important player of their team.


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