Is the CIA training Ukrainian special forces for “insurrection” against the Russians? – RT in French

Is the CIA training Ukrainian special forces for “insurrection” against the Russians? – RT in French

According to former American officials quoted by Yahoo! News, the CIA allegedly trained Ukrainian special forces to fight a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine – a claim the CIA denies. Other media report plans in this direction.

Is US intelligence training Ukrainian special forces in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine? In an article published on January 13, the national security correspondent for Yahoo! News reports that the CIA has for several years been overseeing a “secret intensive training program in the United States for elite Ukrainian special operations forces.” The author of the article in question is based on the remarks of five former American intelligence and security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.

According to some of them, the program would have started in 2015 and would take place at an undisclosed location in the southern United States. It would have been launched by the Obama administration following the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014, which Westerners consider an illegal annexation, then reinforced under the Trump and Biden administrations, according to one of the sources of Yahoo! News.

While, according to the author of the article, the program is not officially intended to prepare for a potential insurgency, it would include, according to one of the former senior intelligence officials, “very specific” training aimed at strengthening the capacity Ukrainians to “push back the Russians”. “The United States is forming an insurgency,” said another CIA official quoted by the media, adding that the program would have trained Ukrainian special forces to “kill the Russians” who invaded the country.

The CIA denies any program aimed at forming an “insurgency”

On the side of the American authorities, the existence of a program aimed at forming an “insurrection” in Ukraine is formally denied: “The suggestions according to which we have formed an armed insurrection in Ukraine are simply false”, affirmed a door- word of the CIA, Tammy Thorp, whose remarks are reported by Yahoo! News.

In addition, other media have recently reported on US intelligence plans to support Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion. “In discussions with allies, senior Biden administration officials have made it clear that the CIA (secretly) and the Pentagon (openly) will both seek to assist in any [éventuelle] Ukrainian insurrection”, thus reports the New York Times, January 14. the Mirror British, for its part, quotes an anonymous source within the Western secret services, according to which the American intelligence would have organized “meetings on the way of helping Ukraine more in its defense” against a possible invasion.

Tensions between the West and Russia around Ukraine

Washington, Kiev and some of their allies have been accusing Moscow for several weeks of considering an invasion of Ukraine – which Moscow categorically denies. On January 14, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov brushed aside more specific US allegations that Russia was planning a provocation in eastern Ukraine as a pretext for an invasion.

These accusations and denials come in a context of strong tensions between the West and Russia around the Ukrainian file. With a view to reducing them, in mid-December Moscow submitted draft agreements to the United States and NATO, the key proposal of which is a commitment by the Atlantic Alliance not to extend further to the ‘is. Russia considers that the successive enlargements of the Alliance led by Washington since the end of the Cold War pose a threat to its security, in particular because of the ambition of Ukraine, a neighboring country, to join the military organization.

This week, at the end of a series of high-level meetings, Westerners and Russians stressed that fundamental differences persist between them on the subject of European security, at the heart of which is the Ukrainian file.

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