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Italian police officers protest against pink Covid masks on duty

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Italian police blasted after being given pink Covid face masks to wear while on duty. Police units in six cities received the FFP2 masks from the office of Italy’s COVID-19 Emergencies Commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figiuolo, but after opening the boxes, many officers refused to wear the items. The masks were sent to police units in Bologna, Pavia, Varese, Ferrara, Venice and Syracuse.

This prompted the head of a police union, Stefano Paolini, to write a letter to the police chief of the Interior Ministry, Lamberto Giannini. Paolini wrote that the decision to approve the purchase of pink masks for the police was baffling. He claimed the color was “eccentric” in relation to police uniforms and risked damaging the institution’s image.

“We ask you to take immediate action to ensure that police officers fulfill their duty by wearing masks of a color (white, blue or black) consistent with the state police uniform,” he wrote. . In a later statement, Paolini said the problem arose not because of prejudice against the color pink, “but because the uniform is regulated”, reports The Guardian.

“Based on the oath taken, the uniform should be worn with decorum,” he added while emphasizing that “in times of rising aversion to the police, sobriety and respect should be embraced. “.

The pink Covid masks were sent to various other public institutions, including schools, hospitals and the civil protection office. It comes after Italy reintroduced a requirement to wear face masks outdoors again amid the Omicron variant and the spike in cases it has caused.

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