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It’s weeding time

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BEST FISH: Jeff Richards with his 3.37 carp Photo credit: Linda Richards

Some weed control was needed before the final Teulada-Moraira Fishing Club Winter League game could begin.

They were fishing in Section C of the Jucar River and the weeds had made some swims impossible to fish, club secretary Jeff Richards said.

The weather was overcast with a temperature of 21 degrees although the conditions were pleasant, said Jeff.

The 12 competitors caught a total weight of 59 kilograms, along with 44 fish and a dry net during an average fishing day that started late due to weeding.

Graham Sewell at 13.75 kilos finished first, followed by Ray Turvey (13.32 kilos) in second, Frank Povey (11.12 kilos) third and Jeff Richards (6.25 kilos) fourth.

The best fish of the day (3.37 kilos) was caught by Jeff Richards.

For more information on the Teulada-Moraira Fishing Club, contact (Frank Povey at 96 649 0338 and [email protected]) or call Ray Craig (966 492 083).

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