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Jesus Aguirre thinks half of Andalusia’s population will soon be infected

Jesus Aguirre believes half of Andalusia’s population will soon be infected. picture: [email protected]

Half the population of Andalusia will be infected “in just over a month”, says Jesus Aguirre

Jesus Aguirre, Minister of Health and Family, in an interview with Radio Cordoba to Padlock Ser, followed by European press, this Friday, January 14, spoke about the evolution of the sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Andalusia.

“50% of the Andalusian population in just over a month will have had the infection,” he commented. This is an argument that has been put forward to discard previous measures, such as alerting close contacts of positive cases, considering that “traceability is not valid, the virus is everywhere” and deducing that “you are seeing the start of the end” of the sixth wave.

Aguirre ruled out the need to adopt restrictive measures because “unlike other waves, you have the virus in your home, in your friends, in your relatives, it’s not in social groups, it’s not linked to nightlife”. It is a reflection that he wanted to support by specifying that at the moment, “the virus is in my own ministry”.

The only exception that the Minister of Health made in the request for greater precautions concerns nursing homes, considering that they are “the weakest link”. He explained that they need “this particular monitoring of health and socio-sanitary personnel”.

Reaffirming the absence of measures limiting the mobility of the population, he underlined that it was because “the group of experts did not see the need for restrictive measures in the face of such an explosive virus”.

Mr Aguirre pointed out that with the current cumulative incidence rate of 1,454 per 100,000 population at 14 days, he assumed it was “seven days of slight decline”. He also pointed out that the rate has been cut by “200 points in recent days”, while positives were 14,002 and 18 died.

Aguirre then suggested that the cumulative incidence “is no longer a reliable parameter”, arguing that, “the sixth wave is different, it is very contagious, the virus has socialized”. Deduce that “there is no direct relationship between cumulative incidence and deaths”, then bet on “other more objective parameters”, among which are hospital pressure, intensive care admissions and deaths .

According to him, the cumulative incidence rate “creates a lot of social alarm, it creates alarmism”, believing that it maintains “a fear which is not real”. Adding that “a very high percentage of positives happens with the infection in a banal way”, even if he advanced the existence of “1,803 hospitalizations”.

The Minister of Health maintained the sequence of data that follows the fall in cumulative incidence, stressing that “what takes the longest to come down is the number of deaths” and insisted that ” the behavior of the virus is different, because it catches us with very high immunity, 92.3 percent immunity”.

“The sixth wave will die out,” reiterated the Minister of Health. He pointed to the decline in cumulative incidence, due to both natural and acquired immunity, and concluded that “there will be a lack of reservoir”.

Finally, Mr Aguirre expressed his hope that “the World Health Organization will make us endemic”, although he urged us to be “very careful because the virus is here to stay”, as reported.


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